Undisclosed Tax Liabilities

A number of banks in the Channel Islands and elsewhere are now asking their clients for proof of identification, address, and that all funds held in their accounts have been properly disclosed to revenue authorities. HSBC is the latest to ask those with Jersey bank accounts to attend a meeting there and those that do not comply will find their bank accounts closed. The risk to banks of being found to have customers who are not tax compliant has become too great.

 If you believe that you may have omitted to advise H M Revenue & Customs about a source of income or capital gain, come and meet us for a no obligation meeting where we can discuss your concerns and formulate a plan to resolve the position if a disclosure needs to be made.

 Whatever the reason for a non-disclosure, we can help you regularise your tax affairs on the best terms on offer but the sooner that you approach us, the easier it will be to obtain a satisfactory result.

 Get in touch now and let us check whether you have a need for disclosure and the best way forward.