Brown Withey offer a broad range of tax services from our specialist teams. These include:

 Tax Compliance for Organisations and Individuals

To ensure that your tax filings are up to date and tax paid on time. We assist with registrations where required.

Personal Tax, Trust and Estate Planning, Inheritance Tax

Planning for tax is a continuous exercise from cradle to grave. We offer planning for those who wish to shelter their wealth during their lifetime and pass it on to their heirs tax effectively, during lifetime or on death.

Ex Pat Tax Services

If you are leaving the UK we can advise on areas you need to consider before leaving and what needs to be done once you have gone. This might include advising payroll on how your absence will affect salary deductions or advising you on property matters.

UK Tax Residence and Non Residence

The UK now has a Statutory Residence Test and old accepted principles for deciding residence no longer apply. If residence is key to your tax position, it is essential that you have a clear view of the new rules and how they apply to you.

UK Resident Non Domiciliaries

We are specialists in dealing with this complex area of tax and our aim is to make it easy for you to understand. There are many benefits available to non domiciliaries living in the UK but also many pitfalls for the unwary. Claiming the remittance basis of taxation may be beneficial for you but it is not always the answer.

Pensions and Employee Benefits

Pension planning has been subject to a seismic shift and can now be an attractive part of the employee benefits package. Business owners are also able to benefit from the new arrangements and it is time to review your arrangements.

Tax Disclosure Facilities

The exchange of tax information by jurisdictions is becoming global and we have wide experience of obtaining the best settlement possible where unresolved tax matters need to be concluded.

Structuring and Planning for Businesses

We provide comprehensive and international tax advice for those expanding or intending to do so, in the UK or overseas. Whether you are a start-up or established group, we can provide the advice you need to weigh up the options open to you and reach the right commercial decision.

VAT Services

We are able to advise on any VAT related issue from complex property transactions to cross border transactions or business acquisitions. VAT mistakes are costly and we ensure that you have the right advice.

Tax Credits Services for Creatives

We provide R&D; Film/TV/Animation/Gaming and Theatrical tax credit advice and services.


If you are looking at raising finance through the Small Enterprise Investment Scheme and Enterprise Investment Scheme, we can offer advise and services.